Full Time

Executive Officer in the Civil Service 2022

Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
31,698 - €52,894 per year

Job Description


The Civil Service is at the heart of Irish society. Everything we do impacts our country, and most importantly, our people. We are a robust and trusted institution, which has served the people of Ireland since the foundation of the State. Most recently, the Civil Service has played, and continues to play, a critical role in supporting the whole of Government response to the needs of the nation during the pandemic. While the challenges which face the Civil Service today are different to those faced at the foundation of the State, our core values remain the same.

The Irish Civil Service is a large complex organisation employing nearly 42,000 people in over 40 Government Departments and Offices with a diverse set of responsibilities to support the Government by developing policy options and legislation to address major national issues, co-ordinating the broader public service, helping to manage the economy and delivering services to the public.

Civil Service Renewal 2030 is an ambitious 10-year strategy of reform for the Civil Service. The Strategy will be implemented through a series of 3-year action plans that will detail the precise goals and initiatives which will progress each of our strategic priorities to ensure a diverse and high performing Civil Service that is more inclusive, engaged, agile and ready to meet current and future challenges.

By implementing these plans and demonstrating an enduring commitment to public service values, the Civil Service can create a more diverse yet unified, professional, responsive, open and accountable organisation that inspires trust and confidence in Ireland and internationally.

Civil Service bodies may, from time to time, require staff to fill vacancies for the full-time, permanent post of Executive Officer that may arise in various locations throughout the country. The Public Appointments Service (PAS) is the centralised independent recruitment provider for the Civil and Public Service and will conduct the selection process for this competition. PAS will establish a panel of suitably qualified individuals to fill vacancies, which may arise in the Civil Service.

The Civil Service can offer suitable candidates a very satisfying and varied career, with competitive terms and conditions.

All civil service employers are committed to championing an inclusive and diverse workforce that reflects modern Ireland and the people we serve. We strive to create a culture where all staff have equal access to opportunity and feel comfortable and confident to be themselves at work.

The Role

Executive Officers are employed in all Government Departments/Offices covering a wide range of functional responsibilities. The grade of Executive Officer is the entry level to junior management in the Civil Service (See Appendix 1)

Executive Officers are engaged in critical analysis of proposals and reports and in examining the more complex, non-routine cases on which decisions are required. They are involved in a wide range of roles and activities, including: researching and drafting proposals relating to policy issues and legislation; acting as junior managers in Government Departments; responsibilities for managing operations and, after some experience, large numbers of people and other resources; dealing directly with the public in support of services provided to them by the Civil Service.

In recruiting Executive Officers, the Public Appointments Service is conscious of the fact that many of the senior positions in the Civil Service will, in time, be filled by people recruited at this level. For this reason, we look for people who show the potential to take on high level responsibilities in the management of public services and the analysis of public policy issues. In order to be effective in the role of an Executive Officer in the Civil Service, candidates need to be:  interested in public affairs and committed to the concept of public service;  capable of planning and organising people and resources to meet goals, targets and objectives;  understanding and sensitive in dealing with others, and persuasive when communicating in general;  interested in making sure all tasks are completed to a very high standard;  willing to share ideas and information with people, with the purpose of achieving a particular result;  interested in working as part of a team;  capable of presenting written material in a clear, concise, comprehensive and convincing manner;  fully committed to achieving quality results;  capable of using initiative as and when appropriate;  able to conduct an in-depth review of intricate, non-routine subject areas and make appropriate recommendations.


The appointment is to a permanent post in the Civil Service and is subject to the Civil Service Regulations Acts 1956 to 2005, the Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004 and any other Act for the time being in force relating to the Civil Service.


The salary for this position, annual rate effective from 1 February 2022, is:

Executive Officer (PPC) €31,698 €33,509 €34,531 €36,526 €38,315 €40,044 €41,768 €43,455 €45,160 €46,817 €48,526 €49,658 €51,270(LSI1) €52,894(LSI2)

The PPC pay rate applies when the individual is required to pay a Personal Pension Contribution (otherwise known as a main scheme contribution) in accordance with the rules of their main/personal superannuation scheme. This is different to a contribution in respect of membership of a Spouses’ and Children’s scheme, or the Additional Superannuation Contributions (ASC).

A different rate will apply where the appointee is not required to make a Personal Pension Contribution.

Long service increments may be payable after 3(LSI1) and 6(LSI2) years satisfactory service at the maximum of the scale.

Important Note: Entry will be at the minimum of the scale and the rate of remuneration will not be subject to negotiation and may be adjusted from time to time in line with Government pay policy. Different terms and conditions may apply if you are a currently serving civil or public servant. We are committed to a policy of equal opportunity and encourage applications under all nine grounds of the Employment Equality Act

Closing date: 3pm 2nd June 2022

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