Clerical Officer

Waterford City & Wexford ETB
25,353 - €41,501 per year

Job Description

Summary of Position
The purpose of this post is to provide high-level administrative support to Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board. The successful candidate(s) will support the delivery of quality services, as per the organisation’s remit, working with colleagues across WWETB and the broader community, including Schools and Further Education and Training Centres. WWETB constantly strives to improve the quality and effectiveness of its services and systems, across a number of functions, including in its Schools, Further Education and Training Centres, Finance, Human Resources and Corporate Services. The work of WWETB will be supported through a number of duties and responsibilities, as outlined below.

Main Duties
• To carry out the duties of a Clerical Officer under the supervision of a designated line
• To assist in the implementation of organisational work activities and supporting line
managers and colleagues
• To be responsible for general administration and administrative efficiency of the assigned
• To maintain spreadsheets, databases etc. to produce information that is accurate, reliable
and available for departmental/organisational decision making
• To keep such records appropriate to the post as may be required by the wider team and
• To ensure high quality customer service in dealing with the public/learners/staff etc. e.g.
responding to queries and providing information effectively and efficiently
• Use of I.T e.g. packages relevant to the area of work, word processing, spreadsheets,
database, e-mail and internet etc.
• To assist with clerical duties to facilitate the transition to Education Sector Shared Services
• To draft relevant correspondence as required e.g. letters, emails, memos etc.
• To work as part of a team in delivering services
• To carry out general clerical duties e.g. manual and electronic filing, photocopying,
answering/making telephone calls, dealing with e-mails etc.
• To undertake such other work as may be assigned from time to time

Desirable Criteria
• Excellent administrative and IT Skills
• Excellent communication and interpersonal Skills
• Ability to prioritise and manage work in a dynamic and fast paced environment
• Proven record as a team player
• Understand the main features and current challenges of public service

Essential Requirements
• Have the requisite knowledge, skills and competencies to carry out the role. Competencies
will be informed by best practice Public Appointment Service competency frameworks for
the Irish Public Service;
• Be capable and competent of fulfilling the role to a high standard;
• Have obtained at least Grade D3 in five subjects in the Leaving Certificate Examination
(higher, ordinary, applied or vocational programmes) or equivalent or have passed an
examination at the appropriate level within the QQI qualifications framework which can be
assessed as being of a comparable to Leaving Certificate standard or equivalent or higher or
have appropriate relevant experience which encompasses equivalent skills and expertise;
• Be at least 17 years of age on or before the date of advertisement of the recruitment

Salary will be paid in accordance with such rates as may be authorised by the Minister for Education
from time to time for Grade III positions. Grade III new entrant scale starts
at €25,353 with annual increments up to €41,501.
Entry point to this scale will be determined in accordance with Circulars issued by the Department of
Education. Rate of remuneration may be adjusted from time to time in line with Government Policy.

Particulars of the Position
This competition is intended to establish a panel from which any vacancies of a temporary or
permanent nature that may arise will be filled.

Application Form
Applications must be made on the official Grade III Application Form and all sections must be
completed in full. When completing the application form accuracy is essential as the information
supplied in the form will play a central part in the selection process.

WWETB reserves its right to shortlist candidates, in the manner it deems most appropriate, to
proceed to the interview stage of the competition. Shortlisting will be on the basis of information
supplied on the Application Form and the likely number of vacancies to be filled. It is therefore in
your own interest to provide a detailed and accurate account of your qualifications/experience on
the application form. The shortlisting process will provide for the assessment of each applicant’s
application form against predetermined criteria that reflect the skills and depth of experience
considered to be essential for a position at this level.

Selection, from shortlisted candidates, shall be by means of a competition based on an interview
conducted by WWETB. WWETB Core Values of Respect, Accountability, Learner Focus and Quality
are the guiding principles of the organisation and underpin the competencies required to fulfil this
role. The interview will be competency based and marks will be awarded under the following skill
sets identified for the position of Clerical Officer:
• Teamwork
• Information Management/Processing
• Delivery of Results
• Customer Service & Communication Skills
• Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development
• Drive & Commitment to Public Service Values

• Shows respect for colleagues and co-workers
• Develops and maintains good working relationships with others, sharing information and
knowledge, as appropriate
• Offers own ideas and perspectives
• Understands own role in the team, making every effort to play his/her part

Information Management/Processing
• Approaches and delivers all work in a thorough and organised manner
• Follows procedures and protocols, understanding their value and the rationale behind them
• Keeps high quality records that are easy for others to understand
• Draws appropriate conclusions from information
• Suggests new ways of doing things better and more efficiently
• Is comfortable working with different types of information, e.g. written, numerical, charts,
and carries out calculations such as arithmetic, percentages etc.

Delivery of Results
• Takes responsibility for work and sees it through to the appropriate next level
• Completes work in a timely manner
• Adapts quickly to new ways of doing things
• Checks all work thoroughly to ensure it is completed to a high standard and learns from
• Writes with correct grammar and spelling and draws reasonable conclusions from written
• Identifies and appreciates the urgency and importance of different tasks
• Demonstrates initiative and flexibility in ensuring work is delivered
• Is self-reliant and uses judgement on when to ask manager or colleagues for guidance

Customer Service & Communication Skills
• Actively listens to others and tries to understand their perspectives/requirements/needs
• Understands the steps or processes that customers must go through and can clearly explain
• Is respectful, courteous and professional, remaining composed, even in challenging
• Can be firm when necessary and communicate with confidence and authority
• Communicates clearly and fluently when speaking and in writing

Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development
• Develops and maintains the skills and expertise required to perform in the role effectively,
e.g. relevant technologies, IT systems, spreadsheets, Microsoft Office, relevant policies etc.
• Clearly understands the role, objectives and targets and how they fit into the work of the
• Is committed to self-development and continuously seeks to improve personal performance

Drive & Commitment to Public Service Values
• Consistently strives to perform at a high level and deliver a quality service
• Serves the Government and the people of Ireland
• Is thorough and conscientious, even if work is routine
• Is enthusiastic and resilient, persevering in the face of challenges and setbacks
• Is personally honest and trustworthy
• At all times, acts with integrity